Welcome to my blog. I'm afraid it won't be updated too frequently, as I only write when moved to write. These are a group of my poems, as written through the often difficult trek of the past nine months (at present) of my life.
I hope they speak to you and somehow reach the chords of your life, and that God will bring you through as He without doubt is doing to me.

God bless you.
~Jane Johnson,
August 14th, 2010

Saturday, November 16, 2013

Dumb Stuff

I don't know why I must always be
Or find you close, right next to me.
I do not know the reason why
As far as I go, this unbroken tie
Keeps bringing me home to you.

I don't understand why I'm like ivy
Closely bound around a tree.
And every time the tree goes away
Half of me's empty and I can only pray
That I'll come home to you.

The skies are grey; rain's falling fast.
And hope is in my heart at last
That God has been good and heard my tears
Through the agony of these years.
And I'll come home to you.

Hear this live as it was written.

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